Your Audit Proposal


Auditing Solutions Ltd., was specifically created to supply Internal Audit and Examination services to councils and other bodies. The company has experienced rapid growth by offering friendly and efficient audit services conducted by professional and experienced Consultant Auditors.

Our first step is to conduct a fact finding exercise, based on the completion of our Information Request Form, which may be found on the Contact Us section of the website.  We then examine your requirements in detail and jointly assess the level of service required.  

This may involve a face to face meeting with the Clerk, and/or members.

The result is a proposal and formal quotation, which contains a specifically targeted Internal Audit Plan designed to meet your council's unique needs, and is available for presentation to council members for their approval.

Internal Audit Programme


The core of the Auditing Solutions Ltd., methodology is our bespoke Internal Audit (IA) Programme which forms the basis of the audit process that we undertake for our clients.

The IA Programme has a maximum of 12 discreet sections, which correspond to the Internal Audit certification requirements of the Annual Governance & Accountability Return (AGAR) in England, and Annual Return (AR) in Wales.

The IA Programme is designed to cover all financial and management systems over the financial year.  For larger councils with diverse services and more complex operational requirements a three or five year is developed based on incumbent risk.

The IA programme is reviewed annually to ensure that it remains relevant to the council's requirements and addresses any changes in legislation.

Audit & detailed Report


A named Consultant Auditor will be appointed to conduct your council's annual audit(s).  To ensure impartiality, and the council’s finances and governance being viewed by a ‘fresh pair of eyes’, Auditing Solutions Ltd., will generally change the assigned Consultant Auditor from time to time.

The number of audits, Interim and Year End are specified in the Proposal and will be dependent on the size and turnover of your organisation.

The Consultant Auditor will attend your council's premises to conduct the audit (unless yours is a smaller council and you have elected to have a Postal Audit).

The Auditor will discuss any queries, on the day, with the council's designated contact and subsequently issue the detailed Internal Audit report to the Clerk for checking prior to being placed before the members for their consideration and approval.